Thursday, December 4, 2008

3 Month Check-up!

Greyson had his 3 month check-up today. I can't believe its been three months since he was born! Time really flies by when you have a baby, he'll be on his mission before I know it! : ( Ok I may be overreacting a little but still. Now for the stats, drum roll please. . . .
Greyson weighs 14lbs 2oz (he's gained a little over 2lbs in the past month) and he's 24 inches long (the same as last month). So its official Greyson is a fatty! He's getting fatter but not longer! He's definitely getting cuter though! Here's a recent pic from my phone, I REALLY need to download some pics from the camera.
I think he's looking more and more like his daddy, but he still has my brown hair!