Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Robin!!!

Sunday was a busy day for the Saxons, not only was it Greyson's blessing but it was also Robin's birthday! So I made cupcakes for lunch and later in the evening we went to John and Gail's for homemade ice cream, yum! Hope you had a great birthday Aunt Robin, we love you!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Greyson's Blessing

This past Sunday, November 2, we blessed Greyson at our ward in Denham. My mom and aunt came up for the blessing which was great, especially since they've never seen a baby blessing before. It felt great to be sitting in church with my family surrounding me while Greyson was blessed. There were also two other babies that were blessed with Greyson, which was really neat. Our ward is growing so much! It's great to have so many of our friends with babies close in age, I'm excited to watch them all grow up together :)

The whole crew! Joe, Robin, Joanne, myself with Greyson, Aaron, Jeanie Gail with Kalli and John with Kaiden.

The Deschamps and the Saxons. Joe, Robin with Kaiden, Aaron, Myself with Grey, Gail, and John with Kalli.

Joe, John, and Chris all participated in the blessing with Aaron, thanks again guys!

I think someone forgot to tell Joe and John that this wasn't a mug shot! Smile a little boys! lol

The triathlon of baby blessings!
Myself with Greyson, Jeni with Sophia and Heather with Keegan. What a Sunday!

Meet Jerry Giraffe

Robin and I brought the kiddos to the Baton Rouge Zoo and had a lot of fun! We saw all the usual animals elephants, monkeys, rhinos and so on but the best part was the giraffe exhibit. They have a huge cement trench around the gated area but this one giraffe (who I so lovingly named Jerry) was standing in the trench right along the gate and leaning his loooong neck over and eating out of our hands!

Robin brought some grapes and apples for the kids to snack on so we tried to feed them to Jerry and he wasn't to fond of the grapes but he definitely liked the apples (we figured since it was fruit it would be safe to feed it to Jerry, but if you heard about any giraffes getting sick at the BR Zoo it wasn't our fault! If Jerry did get sick it was probably because of the guy next to us who tried to feed him potato chips!) Jerry definitely made our zoo trip worthwhile, too bad Greyson was asleep the whole time! Check out Robin's blog for some video!

Kalli and I feeding Jerry some leaves.

"Monkey Man" aka Greyson and I at one
of the monkey habitats.
Robin and Kaiden by the buffalo exibit...I think.

Uncle J & Lil G

Greyson finally got to meet his Uncle Justin (my older brother) last week! Justin was so excited to see him and even had a nickname for Grey, Lil G. It was cute to see my big ol' brother holding a little baby-Justin is like 6"4' maybe taller. So here's a pick of Uncle J and Lil G! I love you boys!