Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Week 31, A glimpse of the nursery and Abby!

My Mom has been bugging me for recent pictures of my growing belly so I finally got Aaron to take some last night so I could email her some, so I figured I could blog about them too!

We finally painted the nursery so I hung up the letters I got above the crib, other than that the nursery is still pretty empty. I'll be sure to take some other pictures once it starts to fill up! But I am very happy with the color, thank you to everyone who helped me look at samples and decide which color to go with! I can't wait til I accent the color with bright blues and greens (I'm pulling colors from the bedding if you can see it.) I think it will look great!

Aaron got a little carried away with the picture taking and really seemed to like taking pictures from this upward angle. I thought it wouldn't be very flattering (which I still don't think it is), but you can see the growing belly a little better! Greyson was kicking me like crazy throughout our picture taking session, I made the mistake of drinking a little bit of Dr. Pepper for lunch and paid the price all last night! He was going crazy in there! I've only had maybe 1 or 2 caffinated drinks in this last year or so and I could definitely tell the effect it had on Greyson!

There's my baby girl! Abby is really a great dog, she's getting so big now too! Hopefully she won't get any bigger since she's almost a year but I guess we'll see. . .They just grow up so fast! She's become a great addition to the family, especially now that she's house-broken! She's still an active little puppy, but we love her and hope she'll adjust well to having a little brother!