Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

Well we had our ultrasound today and yes, it's a boy! I was so excited to see our baby, finally : ) He was kicking and moving around the whole time, which was really cool to see, especially since I've been feeling it non-stop these past couple weeks! It was also GREAT to hear that everything looks good, the baby is growing well and has all his parts. Aaron texted just about the entire world the picture of the baby's "goods" so I'll just assume that you've already seen it and just post the modest pictures.

The top one is a side view of his leg, he was stretching it out during the ultrasound so apparently our little man has plenty of room in

The lower one is the profile view. I think the baby has Aaron's nose, so I guess we'll see soon enough.

All in all, I had a great dr. visit. My next visit I get to have my glucose screening, so hopefully I pass!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm horrible at this!

I know how much I've been needing to blog especially since its been over a month and I promised in my last post that it wouldn't be so long before I posted again - SORRY!!! Everyone has been letting me know of my slacking so thanks for the pressure to all that have reminided me of my ill will to blog, lol. I do feel guilty since I get bored at work and loooove reading everyone else's blogs, so I figured while I was at work I could atleast post a lil somthing for all those who haven't given up on me entirely.

Anywho, all is well with the Saxons. This second trimester is what everyone said it would be. I'm feeling soooooo much better (I haven't gotten sick in 2 weeks!) and feeling the baby move around is amazing! It seems like everyday after lunch this baby is full of energy and enjoys beating me up, but I'm still enjoying feeling him/her squirming around (I'm sure in a few more months it might be a little more annoying than entertaining.) And if you haven't heard yet, our first ultrasound is Apr. 29th, this coming Tuesday!! I can't wait to find out what we're having, hopefully the baby will be a little cooperative! I guess it's a good thing that our appointment is in the afternoon because that's when I feel the most movement, I'm looking forward to seeing our little guy or girl : )

Again, I'm sorry that there are still no pictures up. It seems like the only time I have to blog is when I'm at work and I have no pictures on my work computer... I'll have to do something about that anyway, this generic wallpaper and screensaver are a little boring. So stay tuned, I'll definitely have a post up next week with the big announcement of what we're having!!!!