Thursday, December 4, 2008

3 Month Check-up!

Greyson had his 3 month check-up today. I can't believe its been three months since he was born! Time really flies by when you have a baby, he'll be on his mission before I know it! : ( Ok I may be overreacting a little but still. Now for the stats, drum roll please. . . .
Greyson weighs 14lbs 2oz (he's gained a little over 2lbs in the past month) and he's 24 inches long (the same as last month). So its official Greyson is a fatty! He's getting fatter but not longer! He's definitely getting cuter though! Here's a recent pic from my phone, I REALLY need to download some pics from the camera.
I think he's looking more and more like his daddy, but he still has my brown hair!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Robin!!!

Sunday was a busy day for the Saxons, not only was it Greyson's blessing but it was also Robin's birthday! So I made cupcakes for lunch and later in the evening we went to John and Gail's for homemade ice cream, yum! Hope you had a great birthday Aunt Robin, we love you!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Greyson's Blessing

This past Sunday, November 2, we blessed Greyson at our ward in Denham. My mom and aunt came up for the blessing which was great, especially since they've never seen a baby blessing before. It felt great to be sitting in church with my family surrounding me while Greyson was blessed. There were also two other babies that were blessed with Greyson, which was really neat. Our ward is growing so much! It's great to have so many of our friends with babies close in age, I'm excited to watch them all grow up together :)

The whole crew! Joe, Robin, Joanne, myself with Greyson, Aaron, Jeanie Gail with Kalli and John with Kaiden.

The Deschamps and the Saxons. Joe, Robin with Kaiden, Aaron, Myself with Grey, Gail, and John with Kalli.

Joe, John, and Chris all participated in the blessing with Aaron, thanks again guys!

I think someone forgot to tell Joe and John that this wasn't a mug shot! Smile a little boys! lol

The triathlon of baby blessings!
Myself with Greyson, Jeni with Sophia and Heather with Keegan. What a Sunday!

Meet Jerry Giraffe

Robin and I brought the kiddos to the Baton Rouge Zoo and had a lot of fun! We saw all the usual animals elephants, monkeys, rhinos and so on but the best part was the giraffe exhibit. They have a huge cement trench around the gated area but this one giraffe (who I so lovingly named Jerry) was standing in the trench right along the gate and leaning his loooong neck over and eating out of our hands!

Robin brought some grapes and apples for the kids to snack on so we tried to feed them to Jerry and he wasn't to fond of the grapes but he definitely liked the apples (we figured since it was fruit it would be safe to feed it to Jerry, but if you heard about any giraffes getting sick at the BR Zoo it wasn't our fault! If Jerry did get sick it was probably because of the guy next to us who tried to feed him potato chips!) Jerry definitely made our zoo trip worthwhile, too bad Greyson was asleep the whole time! Check out Robin's blog for some video!

Kalli and I feeding Jerry some leaves.

"Monkey Man" aka Greyson and I at one
of the monkey habitats.
Robin and Kaiden by the buffalo exibit...I think.

Uncle J & Lil G

Greyson finally got to meet his Uncle Justin (my older brother) last week! Justin was so excited to see him and even had a nickname for Grey, Lil G. It was cute to see my big ol' brother holding a little baby-Justin is like 6"4' maybe taller. So here's a pick of Uncle J and Lil G! I love you boys!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Poor neglected Abby...

So its true what they say about your pets after having a baby, they definitely do get neglected at times. I'll be the first to admit that Abby (our 1 year old beagle) is spoiled, well she's spoiled by me atleast Aaron is another story, but now that Greyson is here I find myself forgetting to feed her or give her some attention. It's gotten a lot better now that Grey is almost 2 months old, but those first couple of weeks she was really neglected. I've been trying to make it up to her so here's a post to our puppy whose exact birthday is unknown but it's around this time of year so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBY! By the way, she has been extremely great with Greyson, very curious but very sweet : ) Thank goodness!!

The other day I was trying to do laundry so I did like I always do and gathered all the dirty clothes and dumped them in the hallway by the laundry room, right when I was about to separate them by colors and throw a load into the washer Greyson woke up from his nap, so by the time I went back to where I left off this is what I found...
At first I didn't see her then she lifted her head, I guess it seemed like a comfy place to take a nap, and needless to say she did not want to move when I started separating the clothes.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My 2 Favorite Guys : )

I am so in love with my hubby! Ok I won't get all mushy, that'll be the worst of it I promise. It's just so great to see Aaron with Greyson. He's such a good dad already and I can't wait to see the two of them running around and playing together like boys do : ) I never realized how much more I would love Aaron when we became parents, it's like you meet this whole new side of your husband-the fatherly side. Ok well I promised I wouldn't get all mushy so here are some of my favorite pics of my two favorite guys:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Crippled Husband, A Hurricane, and A New Baby....What a month!

Surgery #1:

So about a month before I was due with Greyson Aaron went in for knee surgery. Yes, about 12 years ago my husband had a pretty bad dirt bike crash and tore his ACL, since then he's been dealing with the pain and creating more damage in the process. But since we have pretty good insurance at the moment and with the baby coming he figured now would be a good time to get it fix. Yes, this severly stressed me out! Being pregnant I was scared to death that I would have a husband that couldn't walk and a baby to take care of...and what I got was another story! (See below) I have to admit that seeing him all doped up on the meds before he went in for surgery was pretty funny! He doesn't even remember taking this pic, notice the droopy eyes... I am glad to say that he recovered very well from the ACL replacement and was up and about pretty quickly afterwards. The only scare I had was in the middle of the night the day after his surgery when he got up to use the restroom, he used his crutches to get to the bathroom and right after he was done doing his "business" I hear this loud CRASH. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom scared to death and find my husband on the ground in front of the toilet! I asked him if he was ok and he just said that he fell, obviously he fainted and I was freaking out but all he wanted to do was go to sleep on the bathroom floor! Later on he said it was really cool and just felt good to lay on. Fortunately, he fell back and not forward and his knee was still in the brace so no damage was done, except to my bathroom scale-Aaron fell on it and put a huge dent in it!

Surgery #2:

So about 3 weeks after his ACL replacement Aaron went in for shoulder surgery. It was supposed to be a pretty simple surgery (a scope job for those who know what that is exactly) but, of course, the doctor found waaaaay more damage than he expected and now Aaron has about 3 months of recovery before he can really start to use his shoulder again. Keep in mind that I was 3 weeks away from my due date when Aaron went in for surgery! My worries of having a husband on crutches went away but now I have a husband who can't use his right arm! I don't have any pics from his shoulder surgery, sorry!

Hurricane Gustav & Baby Greyson

Monday, Sept. 1, 2008 Hurricane Gustav his the Louisiana coast. Robin, Joe, Kaiden and Kalli spent the night at our house the Sunday before the storm hit, they have a ton of trees in their yard so they played it safe and stayed with us in our treeless neighborhood. Considering the circumstances (losing power around 1 pm and being cooped up in the house all day Monday) we actually had a fun time during the storm. Joe and the kids played in the rain and wind and the kids ran away from the mean goose that terrorizes the kids in our neighborhood. Seriously, this goose bit Kaiden in the crotch the one time-yes, Kaiden did try to feed him rocks but still! I thought I had pics of our hurricane activities but I can't find them. After the storm we drove around and surveyed the damage around Denham, which pretty much consisted of fallen trees and down powerlines everywhere. That night we went over to the Britts for a little BBQ, they had a generator so the breeze of a box fan was much appreciated and the food was great! Aaron and I had a good visit with the Britts and Kerns, but we were exhausted and headed home kinda early hoping we would be able to sleep okay without a/c. I decided to take a cool bath to help me get to sleep which felt great! And surprisingly our house was actually pretty cool so I had no trouble falling asleep around 10pm. Well around 11:30pm I woke up and kinda felt weird, but I thought I just needed to use the restroom (being 38wks pregnant its not unusual to wake up having to pee! lol) I got up and went to the bathroom and the second I walked through the bathroom door my water broke! Needless to say, I'm freaking out and trying to clean up and get myself together! Aaron wakes up and asks if everything is okay and I tell him the news so he jumps out of bed and starts getting stuff together (Remember, Aaron had shoulder surgery less than a week before this and is still in a lot of pain and wearing a arm brace!) So we're scattering around flashlights and all trying to get everything else we might need in my hospital bag and head off to the hospital in the pitch black night. Yes, there is no power anywhere because of the storm so there are no street lights, trees are down everywhere blocking roads, and powerlines are also down everywhere. The ride from our house to the hospital was seriously the scariest ride of my life! Aaron drove his car since its higher up, but its a standard so he's driving and shifting with his left arm only! Not to mention he had taken a pain pill before he went to bed and later on told me it had just kicked in when my water broke! Scary! We did make it to the hospital safely, only to be disappointed by the fact that the hospital was running on generators and had no a/c either! I am very grateful to say that I had a very easy delivery, we arrived at the hospital a little after midnight and our son arrived at 6:02 am after 30-45 mins of pushing. Greyson was 7lbs 9oz and 20.5 inches long and completely healthy! : ) Here's a pic of the proud daddy and Grandma holding Greyson for the first time! Sorry I'm not posting any pics of me, delivering a baby makes a woman look rough enough but delivering a baby with no a/c made me look REALLY rough so I'm vain and don't want hideous pics of me on my blog!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Greyson is here!!!

Greyson arrived Sept. 2, 2008 at 6:02 am in a hospital with no air conditioning! Yes, the hurricane brought our baby boy 2 weeks early in the midst of chaos, but we are happy to say that he arrived here safely and completely healthy : ) And we are finally home safe and sound, electricity and all! So here are a few pics of our beautiful (I mean handsome) baby boy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Week 31, A glimpse of the nursery and Abby!

My Mom has been bugging me for recent pictures of my growing belly so I finally got Aaron to take some last night so I could email her some, so I figured I could blog about them too!

We finally painted the nursery so I hung up the letters I got above the crib, other than that the nursery is still pretty empty. I'll be sure to take some other pictures once it starts to fill up! But I am very happy with the color, thank you to everyone who helped me look at samples and decide which color to go with! I can't wait til I accent the color with bright blues and greens (I'm pulling colors from the bedding if you can see it.) I think it will look great!

Aaron got a little carried away with the picture taking and really seemed to like taking pictures from this upward angle. I thought it wouldn't be very flattering (which I still don't think it is), but you can see the growing belly a little better! Greyson was kicking me like crazy throughout our picture taking session, I made the mistake of drinking a little bit of Dr. Pepper for lunch and paid the price all last night! He was going crazy in there! I've only had maybe 1 or 2 caffinated drinks in this last year or so and I could definitely tell the effect it had on Greyson!

There's my baby girl! Abby is really a great dog, she's getting so big now too! Hopefully she won't get any bigger since she's almost a year but I guess we'll see. . .They just grow up so fast! She's become a great addition to the family, especially now that she's house-broken! She's still an active little puppy, but we love her and hope she'll adjust well to having a little brother!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pedi's With the Family!

A few Saturdays ago my mom and aunt came up for a visit and we got pedicures! I haven't had one in sooooo long and it was a first for my Aunt Jeanie and maybe a first for my mom too. We had such a fun time. Afterwards we got lunch and went shopping, so needless to say, I was exhausted when I made it home that afternoon but it was well worth it!
I guess the one of me kinda shows off the belly too! I really am getting bigger! I can't believe I'm already in my 7th month, our little Greyson will be here before we know it! : )

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just a little update ...

Well unfortunately I don't have any pictures to post, Im at work at the moment and don't have any on this computer plus Aaron and I haven't been taking pictures lately. I've got nothing to do at work today, payroll is done and I figured I could atleast post a lil somthin' since I haven't posted in a while.

Aaron and I are doing great, I think we are both getting a little anxious about our son coming into this world, I'm probably more anxious than him but still. We are pretty set on a name for our little one, but I feel like it won't be a definite thing until he's born and we fill out the paper work : ) So for now we're calling him Greyson or Grey for short just to test it out. I really love the name Greyson, I especially like the spelling and the nickname Grey. The only concern I have is that it sounds like "Grace-on" and I don't want our son to be teased or called Grace for short (which Aaron is already doing just to antagonize me! lol) But we both like the name and Aaron is especially proud since he's the one who discovered the name, so for now our son's name is Greyson Joseph Saxon : ) I've already envisioned him as a dark haired, light eyed cutie-patootie, so in my head the name really fits! Obviously as a brunette I'm hoping we'll have a brunette, but the blonde gene seems to be pretty dominate in the Saxon family so I guess we will see. (Note: I have no problem with blondes, I'm married to one. I just want more brunettes in the family : )

Next week Aaron and I are going to the beach with the whole family so I'm super excited about that! I will definitely take pictures and create a post when we get back, I promise!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

Well we had our ultrasound today and yes, it's a boy! I was so excited to see our baby, finally : ) He was kicking and moving around the whole time, which was really cool to see, especially since I've been feeling it non-stop these past couple weeks! It was also GREAT to hear that everything looks good, the baby is growing well and has all his parts. Aaron texted just about the entire world the picture of the baby's "goods" so I'll just assume that you've already seen it and just post the modest pictures.

The top one is a side view of his leg, he was stretching it out during the ultrasound so apparently our little man has plenty of room in

The lower one is the profile view. I think the baby has Aaron's nose, so I guess we'll see soon enough.

All in all, I had a great dr. visit. My next visit I get to have my glucose screening, so hopefully I pass!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm horrible at this!

I know how much I've been needing to blog especially since its been over a month and I promised in my last post that it wouldn't be so long before I posted again - SORRY!!! Everyone has been letting me know of my slacking so thanks for the pressure to all that have reminided me of my ill will to blog, lol. I do feel guilty since I get bored at work and loooove reading everyone else's blogs, so I figured while I was at work I could atleast post a lil somthing for all those who haven't given up on me entirely.

Anywho, all is well with the Saxons. This second trimester is what everyone said it would be. I'm feeling soooooo much better (I haven't gotten sick in 2 weeks!) and feeling the baby move around is amazing! It seems like everyday after lunch this baby is full of energy and enjoys beating me up, but I'm still enjoying feeling him/her squirming around (I'm sure in a few more months it might be a little more annoying than entertaining.) And if you haven't heard yet, our first ultrasound is Apr. 29th, this coming Tuesday!! I can't wait to find out what we're having, hopefully the baby will be a little cooperative! I guess it's a good thing that our appointment is in the afternoon because that's when I feel the most movement, I'm looking forward to seeing our little guy or girl : )

Again, I'm sorry that there are still no pictures up. It seems like the only time I have to blog is when I'm at work and I have no pictures on my work computer... I'll have to do something about that anyway, this generic wallpaper and screensaver are a little boring. So stay tuned, I'll definitely have a post up next week with the big announcement of what we're having!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Its been a loooooong time...

I know its been forever since I last posted, but things have just been soooooo busy! I've been working for a company doing payroll full time for the last month or so and I really enjoy it. The only negative aspect is that the position is temporary (I'm filling in for a girl on maternity leave). Needless to say, I haven't had much time to post and I know how badly my blog needs pictures so I'll be sure to try real hard this month to post some. Other than that all is well with the Saxons. My pregnancy is going well, except for the getting morning sickness part. Yes, I am one of those unlucky ladies that get morning sickness-and I'm not just talking about getting nauseous, unfortunately I have the whole package. I am lucky that it stops after lunch, except for one or two occassions, so its true morning sickness for me. I hoping that since I'm getting closer to my 2nd trimester that it will lessen and go away, I know its worth the end result but I hate getting sick! Im ready to enjoy being pregnant : ) Aaron and I are really excited about our Dr. appointment this Friday. We get to hear the baby's heartbeat! Again I will try to post soon and add some pics so don't give up on our blog yet!

Monday, January 28, 2008

An Exciting Surprise!

I figured since Robin posted a baby countdown thingy for our baby that I probably should, lol. I'm still trying to figure out how this blog stuff works, I still don't know how to add friends to my blog. If anyone can tell me please let me know! Anyway, SURPRISE Aaron and I are having our first baby this Sept. It was a big surprise to both of us, but we're very excited and nervous and just about every other emotion you can think of...but that's normal right? The pregnancy is going well so far. I get a little nausiated during the day, but have yet to get sick. My back hurts and I'm tired all the time too, but its nothing I can't handle. Hopefully by the time the baby comes I'll have mastered the art of blogging and will be able to post lots of fun stuff! Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Here goes!

After much pressure from friends and family I've decided to become a blogger!! Crazy isn't it? Well Aaron and I don't have kids yet but we did get a new addition to the family this past Christmas so I figured I could blog about our new puppy Abby, among other things... I have a feeling I'll have a lot to blog about within the next year, so stay tuned!!