Thursday, March 26, 2009

There's No Place Like Home...

So last night we had some really bad thunderstorms. When Aaron and I went to bed we saw on tv that there was a tornado watch for our area but we didn't think much of it and went to bed. Well, around 1:30am Aaron and I both woke up to some really loud rain and then hail... Once Aaron said it was hailing I asked if he thought there was a tornado near us because the wind was SO loud, well we immediately jumped out of bed. I ran and got Greyson out of his crib and met Aaron in the hall were he told me to get in the closet with Greyson. I was shaking by this point I was so scared! Not to mention I was scared for Aaron because he didn't get in the closet with us! Crazy guy! It felt like I was in the closet forever but i'm sure it was only a few minutes then Aaron came and got me and said it was over but our patio cover didn't survive. We were just so glad that we were all safe and our home wasn't damaged too bad. The news didn't say anything about a tornado touching down in our area but Aaron and I both think there was one. Especially after seeing the damage this morning.

Hurricane Gustav didn't blow it down but a bad thunderstorm and possible tornado sure did! I guess that's what homeowner's insurance is for, looks like we'll be getting a new awning and possibly a new roof. I'll be sure to post pics of the replacement, hopefully it won't take too long for us to get it all fixed! The worst news is there supposed to be more bad weather tonight, I pray everyone stays safe!

Here comes Greyson Cottontail!!

I know 20 years from now Greyson will kill me for this picture but I had to do it! He's so adorable! Plus it's getting me in the mood for Spring and Easter!
*Yes, I do dress my child this was taken right before he got dressed one morning. Check out that Budha belly! That's our chunky monkey, I mean Greyson Cottontail!

Friday, March 6, 2009

How time flies!

Ok so it's been a very long time since I've updated my blog... I have no excuses, I just never seem to get around to it.
So here an update since the last post, Greyson is now 6 months old! Crazyness! We went for his checkup this week and he's weighing in at 18lbs and is 27inches tall. He is officially getting into things, he hasn't started to crawl yet but that doesn't mean he can't get around. He's quite the roller/scooter! Last night he managed to get on the tile in front of the fireplace while I was cooking dinner so when I looked over to check on him, there he is on his tummy just smiling at me on the tile. I went over to move him back on the carpet since he sometimes does face plants when trying to roll over or scoot and right before I got to him he pushed up on his hands and knees. This was the first I've seen him in the "crawl" position so I was very excited but unfortunately because he was on the tile I had to move him so he wouldn't bump his head when he lost his balance. He'll be crawling soon though! Grey is also babbling a lot lately, it's so cute to hear him talk and the expressions he makes while talking are adorable! I just love that boy!

Well here are some random pictures from the past 3 months...

Boys in blue! Grey & Papa on the 3-wheeler.

After the 3-wheeler ride we all took a walk through the woods, Grey discovered leaves for the first time. He was so intrigued :)

Of course Daddy let him taste the leaves too. I thought I had a pic of him eating them but I guess not. He's all boy!

Grey is now eating some baby foods, here he is in his highchair. At this point he's had: Peas, carrots, sweat potato, banana, and the rice cereal and oatmeal. Next up is squash! Yum!

We've just recently introduced him to the sippy cup. He has no problem holding it and getting it to his month but I think he enjoys chewing on it rather than drinking from it, that may be because theres only water in there now. I'm sure when he starts drinking juice he'll love it!